Destructive Leftist Ideology Ruins Dr. Who and Saddens Fans

July 22, 2017

— by Teucer

When I first read that British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently cast a woman as the new protagonist in its iconic Dr. Who franchise, I had several vivid thoughts in rapid succession.

I knew that this was coming because the BBC had already recast one of the characters, the Master, as a transsexual.

And, well before that, I had an inkling of it, with the celebrated pan-sexuality of Captain Jack and the completely artistically-unnecessary insertion of a gay “marriage” between soldiers into the episode “A Good Man Goes to War”.

Although I was never much of a comic book fan myself, I felt a deep, sudden empathy with all the poor Marvel comic book fans who were revolted by the introduction of a female as the new Thor superhero and giving her his magical hammer Mjolnir.

And, finally, I wished that the BBC had never rebooted the Dr. Who series at all. This last thought is one that I had several times before I had finally given up watching it altogether about a half-season into Peter Capaldi’s wretched incarnation.

The people at the BBC who run Dr. Who are not Dr. Who fans at all. They are not artists. Indeed, they are nothing more than cultural vandals. They could have done anything they wanted to achieve within the established story and artistic confines of the show. Yet, instead of bringing back the Rani as a female frenemy/nemesis, they turned the Master into a transexual. Instead of bring back the beloved female Time-Lord Romana, and, with her, the potential of a female-centric spin-off, they have turned the Doctor into a transsexual. Further, the sanctimony with which they have done it is sickening. We are not even allowed to voice any criticism without being labeled and libeled sexist pigs.

It stings, what these bastards have done to the venerable Dr. Who. Tom Baker’s Doctor was a childhood hero of mine. The BBC has taken some of my most cherished childhood experiences of enjoying watching the show with my father and my grandfather, and smeared steaming, putrid Marxism all over them. Thank God, I had the foresight to know somehow that this was inevitable, so I had my own son watch Rick and Morty instead.

Making the new Dr. Who a woman is a terrible idea and ruins the show. Even more terrible is that the kultur gestapo is adamant that nobody dare criticize the obvious pandering or even comment on this further effort by progressives in their ongoing campaign to graffiti the culture. Because that is what it is, graffiti.

This is not creative graffiti, which is artwork seeking a public outlet and decorating a blank surface. This is the hoodlum’s conventional kind of graffiti, spray painting a tag and defacing existing public art.

It is the tantrum nihilism of the leftist counter-culture, given power by benefit of seniority promotion, rather than qualification or excellence. Enraged at their own cultural heritage, leftists lack in either the ability to create anew or the pride of respect to attempt to expand upon existing creations.

The leftist multi-culti counter culture calls it “creative” to besmirch cultural icons. Its adherents disdainfully kick over sand castles that they lack the talent, themselves, to build. If daddy will not approve of their talentless smears and cacophony, then they can at least make him angry when they throw a tantrum, stamp their little feet, and destroy. But let us not mistake what they do as art.

Sadly, these nasty little Rumplestiltskins prefer to smear and deface rather than to create something new. They are driven by their own smallness and their own lack of confidence in the worth of anything they could actually create. They brim with hatred of those greater and more talented than themselves. Like petulant, spoiled brats, they simply scream for attention. They gleefully engage in ever more outrageous cultural appropriation because it is the very disapproval that they seek. They do not have a creative artistic impulse that they seek to fulfill, it is merely their hate and envy that draws a kind of satisfaction from outrage.

Leftists claim their new projects are a re-imagination, and that any objections to them are just stolid resistance to change. Yet, these hooligans, who proclaim themselves to be artists, are vapid enough to believe that we do not notice that their “revisions” are always uni-directional and uniformly run in the direction dictated by cultural Marxism.

The characters to be “modernized” or “updated” are invariably white, male, cultural icons. These “character updates” never include changing DC Comics’ Wonder Woman into a white male or transforming Ubisoft’s Tomb Raider franchise’s heroine Lara Croft into white male. Nor do they ever include transforming Marvel Comics’ iconic black African superhero Black Panther into a white Australian.

Leftists never propose to create a fictional history where gay icon Oscar Wilde is a straight white male and the witty father of a dysfunctional family. They are such doctrinally cultural Marxists that they would never rush to re-imagine heroes to elevate a disadvantaged culture that they disfavor. They would never dream of re-making a previous urban sophisticate into a rural white character from the American South. These self-loathing leftist vandals only riot to advance a specifically prescribed ideological agenda. This is why they are only satisfied when they are on the attack, artistic merit be damned.

Those of us who disapprove of the leftist campaign do not do so because we are “racist” or “misogynist” or “homophobic” or “anti-semitic” or “Islamophobic” or any of the other epithets that these pseudo-intellectuals like to toss as an argument-ending grenade to escape their indefensible intellectual vacuum. Those of us who disapprove of a female Dr. Who would just as roundly disapprove of making the dapper, “shaken not stirred” Vodka Martini-drinking James Bond into a beer-drinking American Southerner who wore cowboy boots. It is not phobia and it is not anger that motivate us.

On the contrary, it is all about artistic respect. The vandals are the ones who are full of hatred, phobia, and a compulsion to deface. They are the ones guilty of cultural appropriation, a “taking” disguised as a re-making. It does not make one a philistine to see it or to dare call it out for what it is.

We disapprove because cultural Marxist vandalism of cultural icons is politics, not creative art. Creative art would be to make something new or parallel, to enhance by addition rather than smearing multi-culti wallpaper over a fresco or painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa to make it transgender. Artistic creation is never objectionable, but artistic misappropriation is.

No longer should we stand silent. No longer should we passively allow the culture that we grew up with to be defaced by newly empowered, but still angry talentless punks.

When an earlier generation of artists wanted more women superheroes, they did not destroy existing male superheroes. When they wanted a female version of Tarzan, they made Sheena. Rather than making Superman’s Clark Kent into Claudia Kent or Batman’s Bruce Wayne into Bonnie Wayne, they created Wonder Woman.

Likewise, in the 1970s, when artists took note of the dearth of positive black characters in pop culture, they created new black characters, from private eyes like Shaft to superheroes like Black Lightning and Falcon. Charles Shultz added a black character “Shermy” to the cast of Peanuts.

Rather than tearing down, papering over or replacing existing cultural icons, these artists added something new. They saw a need and created something new, thereby, giving all of us new, more diverse, and more interesting characters to follow and stories to tell. They enriched our cultural heritage through addition, not through deconstruction.

Today, however, addition or expansion of the cultural storehouse is not enough. Today’s cultural Marxists have no interest in making our heritage bigger or better because they are not driven to make their own space. Their hatred and bile drives a need to tear down and efface the heritage that came before. They do not want to build a new place of honor for Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. or for Queen’s front man Freddie Mercury. They are only satisfied with attacking, undermining, and displacing icons like Founding Father Thomas Jefferson and classical composer Johann Brahms. In doing so, they make everyone else’s lives dimmer and poorer.

Because this is about bullying politics thinly disguised as art. We are neither amused, nor entertained.


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